CAGRD is required by law to submit a plan of operation for approval by the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) every ten years.  A new CAGRD Plan of Operation (Plan) covering the period from 2015 through 2025 must be submitted to the Director no later than January 1, 2015.  This new Plan will describe the activities that CAGRD proposes to undertake in the Phoenix, Pinal and Tucson Active Management Areas ("AMAs") over the next 100 years to meet its replenishment obligations for existing and new members.

The 2015 Plan must include the following:

  • An estimate of the projected groundwater replenishment obligations for 100 years following submission of the Plan for current members and members projected to enroll through 2025.
  • A description of the water resources that CAGRD plans to use to meet its obligations during the 20 years following submission of the Plan and a description of the water resources potentially available to the CAGRD during the subsequent 80 years.
  • A description of the facilities and projects to be used for replenishment and the replenishment capacity available to the CAGRD during the 20 calendar years following submission of the Plan.

Development of the 2015 Plan will be guided by policy direction provided by the CAWCD Board of Directors (Board).  The 2010 CAWCD Board of Directors Strategic Plan includes a number of strategic objectives and action plans related to CAGRD under a section entitled "Key Result Area: Replenishment".  In addition, the Board on September 6, 2012 approved a document entitled "CAGRD Guiding Principles".  This document, which was the result of a nearly year-long series of discussions by the CAGRD & Underground Storage Committee and CAGRD stakeholders, expresses the Board's position on key CAGRD issues to guide staff in developing the new Plan.

CAGRD has committed to conducting a robust stakeholder process during development of the 2015 Plan.  Phase I of the stakeholder process will begin in April, 2013 and will focus on the Board's Guiding Principles.  Phase II of the process will involve review of a Draft Plan and is scheduled to conclude in time to submit a Final Draft Plan to the Board in early August, 2014.  Following approval by the Board, the Final Draft 2015 – 2025 CAGRD Plan of Operation will be submitted to ADWR for its formal review process as specified in statute.

Information on the stakeholder process for the 2015 Plan will be posted and continuously updated on this website.  Stakeholder meetings will be open to the public and all interested individuals may observe and participate in the process.