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Superstition Mountains Recharge Site 

In 1993, the legislature created a groundwater replenishment authority to be operated by the Central Arizona Water Conservation District ("CAWCD") throughout its three-county service area. This replenishment authority of CAWCD is commonly referred to as the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District ("CAGRD"). In 1999, the legislature expanded CAWCD's replenishment authorities and responsibilities by passing the Water Sufficiency and Availability Act.

The purpose of the CAGRD is to provide a mechanism for landowners and water providers to demonstrate an assured water supply under the new Assured Water Supply Rules ("AWS Rules") which became effective in 1995.

Every ten years, the CAGRD is required by law to submit a Plan of Operation to the Director of ADWR. The Plan describes the activities that CAGRD proposes to undertake in the Phoenix, Pinal and Tucson Active Management Areas ("AMAs") over the next one-hundred years based on continued membership enrollment through 2015.

The current status of the Plan is described in the CAGRD Mid-Plan Review (2011).

NEW - CAGRD 2014/15 – 2019/20 Rates go into effect June 19, 2014

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